Fixem Cement

Fixem Cement

Fixem PPC cement is prepared by a clinker grinding unit to produce cement with advance technical know-how for better yield. The finished product i.e. cement of varied grades / quality shall be manufactured to the tune of 60 TPD from its basic raw materials i.e. clinkers & other additives like gypsum, fly-ash etc.

The company trades premium quality 43 grade PPC cement in a 50 kilograms package.

PPC Cement stands for ” Portland Pozzolana Cement” . Pozzolana is an extender a supplementary cementitious material used to enhance improve the strength and durability of the cement. The word Pozzolana comes from the word ‘Pozzoluana’ which is a form of Volcanic Ash.

Volcanic Ash is the first form of Pozzolana used in PPC cement, which also includes natural and artificial siliceous and aluminous materials such as clay, slag, silica fume, fly ash & Shale .Some of these above-mentioned materials are industrial surplus byproducts waste residues produced from other processes but they and are ideal in producing PPC Cement.

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